Take a look at what people say about Peter Anderton

  • In just over 6 months Peter has had a significant impact on our Leadership Team. Peter’s input has helped to take what was already a good team to the next level in becoming a great team.

    Gill Cooke

    Executive Officer, Nottingham City Council

  • Thank you for running such an impactful and engaging programme – I don’t think I’ve ever been to anything else where the lessons are still fresh and at the front of my mind a year on, or which has had such a huge benefit

    David Rimmer

    Vice President, European Security at Equifax

  • Peter has tremendous credibility at 3M and to me ranks as one of the best I have worked with in terms of coaching, facilitation and leading organisation change. He is very engaging, fearless of seniority in ensuring the tough issues are tackled and has very strong process capability.

    Zoe Dickson

    Director, Global Talent Pipeline at 3M, Minneapolis

  • There is no doubt we have become much stronger as a Corporate Leadership Team since working with Peter.

    We have gained a real sense of connection as a team and now engage in far more open and constructive debate than ever before. As a direct result, we are significantly more productive, have a clear and shared focus on the right things and are much more consistent in our approach outside the team. And it’s already making a significant impact across the Council, as both Officers and Councillors are seeing the difference.

    Most importantly, our own shift in behaviour is being reflected in colleagues from the next tier working in an exceptionally collegiate way to really deliver on corporate projects.

    In just under 6 months, Peter has helped transform the way our Corporate Leadership Team works and I would highly recommend him to any organisation who needs a stronger, more impactful and more effective leadership team.

    Ian Curryer

    Chief Executive, Nottingham City Council

  • Since working with Peter doors just keep opening up. I’ve experienced 25 years of leadership and management training – but this replaces all the notes and books I have accumulated to date. From just a few simple changes I am already getting so much more out of my team – and relationships at every level have been improved tenfold.

    Louise Archer

    Central Transaction Manager at HSBC, Canary Wharf

  • Peter is truly an excellent facilitator, trainer and speaker. Whether it’s an audience of 20 or 200, he engages the room with energy, humour and passion for his subject. Participants rave about him and he has evaluated brilliantly.

    Anna O’Kane

    NHS East Midlands Leadership Academy