Get more change for less effort

By creating levels of alignment in your team never experienced before.

When your senior leadership team is pointing in the same direction you can achieve just about anything.

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Develop a team who:

  • Shares clarity of purpose
  • Harnesses differences to the benefit of the whole organisation
  • Holds one another accountable to deliver results
  • Banishes silo thinking for good
  • Has long lasting cohesion and trust
  • Achieves lasting buy-in to decisions made
  • Are fully aligned in both intent and action
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Whether your team is halfway there – or nowhere near – I can get you exactly where you need to be.

And, because you haven’t got time to focus on development for development’s sake, I make sure that everything we do generates:

  • valuable space to work on complex challenges facing your organisation
  • visibility of the real issues holding you back (including the ones you know nothing about)
  • elimination of destructive tension, turning it into a force for growth
  • a high level road map for transformational change that will make your vision a reality

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All my work comes with a cast iron guarantee

If you work with me but don’t notice the difference – I will work with you until you do without charging you a penny!

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What do people say about us:

There is no doubt we have become much stronger as a Corporate Leadership Team since working with Peter.

We have gained a real sense of connection as a team and now engage in far more open and constructive debate than ever before. As a direct result, we are significantly more productive, have a clear and shared focus on the right things and are much more consistent in our approach outside the team. And it’s already making a significant impact across the Council, as both Officers and Councillors are seeing the difference.

Most importantly, our own shift in behaviour is being reflected in colleagues from the next tier working in an exceptionally collegiate way to really deliver on corporate projects.

In just under 6 months, Peter has helped transform the way our Corporate Leadership Team works and I would highly recommend him to any organisation who needs a stronger, more impactful and more effective leadership team.

Ian Curryer

Chief Executive, Nottingham City Council

What’s involved?

  • The process begins with a one day offsite to clarify a shared team purpose, build a foundation of trust and begin elimination of the ‘corridor conversations’ that undermine teams
  • This day operates as a stand-alone with significant benefit in its own right, and therefore offers ‘a toe in the water’ whilst being the first in a series of monthly offsites for 6 months
  • Each session involves live topics to work through as a team so current issues and challenges are being resolved whilst simultaneously developing the team
  • Monthly 1:1 implementation / coaching sessions will accelerate and embed the change
  • If you need it yesterday, faster options may be available at an additional cost

What’s next?

  • If you need more change for less effort, then let me give you my undivided attention. Get more out of your business without having to pour everything in by requesting an appointment today.
  • It’s complimentary. There’s no obligation. You’ll find it loaded with value. Simple. Drop me a line – it will be the best message you send this year.
  • One final word – I only work with a limited number of teams, so get in touch sooner rather than later, even if you are thinking long term.

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