"Peter worked with the Food Safety business extensively at 3M, helping us, both as a team and individually, to create a compelling vision and a dynamic execution plan for the business. Peter is highly effective in either group or 1-2-1 situations and I benefitted personally form Peter's mentoring and guidance whilst he was at 3M. I cannot recommend Peter highly enough; he is a thoughtful, engaging and inspirational mentor, coach and business consultant."

Damian Doherty,
3M UK Corporate Sales

"Peter has tremendous credibility at 3M and to me ranks as one of the best I have worked with in terms of coaching, facilitation and leading organisation change. He is very engaging, fearless of seniority in ensuring the tough issues are tackled and has very strong process capability."

Zoe Dickson,
3M Asia Pacific, HR Director

"Peter has worked with New Charter’s Neighbourhood teams through a particularly difficult restructure and was just what we needed; he was able to allow the team to park the past and move towards the future in a fun and engaging way, helping the leadership team and individuals work out their choices for how they behaved and progressed. I cannot speak highly enough of Peter and his style; he has an incredible energy, enthusiasm and passion for his work and has a wonderful, innovative way of capturing everyone in the room."

Emma Wilson,
New Charter, Director of Communities

"I’ve had nothing but positive feedback and the mood in the camp since has been happier than I can ever remember. All in all a huge triumph!"

Russell Langley,
University of Derby, Director of Marketing & Communications

"I recently attended a Personal Leadership Programme facilitated by Peter and have made some small, subtle shifts to my behaviour as a leader. Within just 3 weeks my team tell me they have never felt so valued. The resulting impact on discretionary effort, performance, appetite and ideas for change has been amazing. Better yet, the impact hasn’t stopped at work! Life changing - both professionally and personally."

Steve McCue,
NW Leicestershire District Council, Customer Team Manager

"Insightful and thought provoking. Working with Peter and such a fantastic group has left me feeling inspired, motivated and enthusiastic. Through changing my communication style as a leader (asking the right questions and really listening to the answers) my meetings have become shorter and infinitely more productive. Not only that, we have already started tackling problems that once seemed completely insurmountable"

Julia Nichols,
The University of Northampton School of Health, Senior Lecturer

"A highly skilled executive coach and facilitator who operates with great passion and commercial insight. A pleasure to work with."

Steve Hemmings,
3M UK, Country Business Leader

"Peter has excelled in supporting and facilitating employee and management team development. His understanding of current development and coaching methods is outstanding and he has helped individuals and teams develop and understand each others working styles, strengths etc.

Peter is excellent at facilitating meetings at all levels within an organisation, he can operate at board room level as well as supporting facilitation of meetings at indvidual business level. He has a strong strategic focus that enables him to help groups understand current and future states and in turn develop strong strategic plans.

Peters 1-1 coaching style is excellent, he has helped many colleagues and myself understand and focus on strengths, this has helped us all perform at a higher level within our roles."

Mark Dawson,
3M Health Care, Country Business Leader

"Peter is a highly skilled practitoner of change management. Peter's facilitation skills with Senior Leaders are exceptional. Peter is highly focused on ensuring his programmes deliver results aligned to his customers needs."

Lynne Chidgey,
3M, Head of Change Management

"I have had the opportunity to work with Peter on a variety of occasions over the last few years. Peter has acted as a facilitator, someone who led a development programme for a leadership team that I was in, and also for a team that I was leading. Peter has also been my executive coach for a couple of years."

Mary Anstice,
3M Health Care, Technical Manager for Health Care Markets

"I can be a little cynical about small group leadership sessions, but this has to be the exception. I went away after attending the Personal Leadership Programme and even found myself applying what I had learned on holiday - to great effect. Now I am seeing the results in work and believe every manager should attend this fantastic, thought provoking programme. Get in touch with Peter and book yourself on!"

Dawn Goodyear,
New Charter, Head of Neighbourhoods

"What can I say? Since working with Peter doors just keep opening up! I’ve experienced 25 years of leadership and management training - but this replaces all the notes and books I have accumulated to date. From just a few simple changes I am already getting so much more out of my team - and relationships at every level have been improved tenfold. The Personal Leadership Programme is life changing. I feel like a new person. Watch this space!"

Louise Archer,
HSBC, Central Transaction Manager

"Peter has exceptional skills in facilitation and group development. Having worked with him on many projects, I am always assured that his inclusive approach will develop teamwork within a group and engage with a wide range of personalities and thinking styles, to develop strategies that the team is bought into and can hence deliver. A valuable change agent for any organisation."

Peter Lake,
3M, Manufacturing Improvement Manager

"I have worked with Peter on my personal Insights profile and in engaging my new management team in Inspirational Leadership which Peter pioneered and managed into the various businesses to great effect - since I joined the business last July. Peter is knowledgable in Organisational Design and is not affraid to challenge beyond the 'run of the mill' positive responses from teams and senior managers engaging in this kind of development exercise on an individual basis or on team approaches. A great listener and summarises thought and feelings extremely well to help you have clear perspective in development work. Charismatic, passionate and innovative in delivery style which never fails to captivate the group - yet you are always clear that the focus is the group and not him. Maintains confidentiality in these areas - the result is he is someone I value greatly, I trust and respect. He also drives to ensure you commit to action/ next steps and take personal accountability for actions in development. A real asset to the business and I am sure we will continue to draw on Peter's expertise in his new consultant capacity....for me this is the acid test when you find someone who adds signifcaint value and moves on in their career."

Gareth Farrell,
3M Health Care, General Manager