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Get out of your own way

Get out of your own way

At school I was one of the tallest boys in the year – which made me something of a target for any kid who wanted to show off. I had no interest in fighting, so when these situations arose I would walk round the corner and stand in front of the staffroom window - but on the odd occasion I would find myself with no way out. The thing was, because I really didn’t want to fight half of me would end up throwing a punch – and the other half of me would be pulling it back at the same time. Not exactly the way to make an impact, and it’s safe to say none of these fights were particularly impressive!

And we can be like that at work – whether it’s an individual, team or organisational level we could save SO much time and energy simply by getting out of our own way.

I often get asked the question – “What is internal alignment? It sounds like a weird medical procedure?!”   No surgery is necessary.   Internal alignment is capturing the power of ‘getting out of your own way’.



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