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Look after your shed!

Look after your shed!

When I have too much to do and not enough time to do it over an extended period of time my behaviour starts to shift to 'less than inspirational'!  If you are a regular human being you are probably just the same.  

At times like this make sure you look after your shed.

That's not quite as strange as it sounds.  Your shed isn't the jumbled mess at the bottom of your garden, its the most basic things to practice when times are hard so that you can be at your best - and inspire the best in others.

S stands for sleep.  For goodness sake stop thinking you can manage on a few hours sleep a night!  Set a reasonable bedtime and stick to it - and don't expect to sleep well if you keep working or watching the TV right up to that point - allow some downtime beforehand so your mind can slow down before you put your head down.

H stands for hydration.  When we are born we are made up of around 90% water - when we get older and eventually die it can be as little as 60%!  There's an important message in there somewhere.  Get yourself a 2 litre bottle of water and make it your goal to finish it every day - preferably not just before you go to bed!

E stands for exercise.  We all know the stats so lets just start doing it.  Start by parking your car at the furthest point in the car park (an umbrella can be handy here!), walk up the stairs, and do something amazing, like (wait for it) ... take a lunch break - and go for a short walk.  You will feel better, your head will be clearer and your productivity will lift so much that 30 minutes exercise each day won't actually cost you any time at all.

D stands for diet.  Tricky one for me as I love my food.  So to stop overloading my body I have just embarked on the 5:2 diet.  5 days normal eating, 2 days where I can only have 500 calories.  OK, so today is only my second fast day but I have already found that when I have chosen not to eat for positive reasons rather than 'poor-me-I-don't-even-have-time-to-eat' it actually feels OK - and I'm not grumpy, which was my greatest concern.  Carrying a little less weight is going to help me sleep better, I'm drinking a lot more water and it gives me more time to go out for a walk instead. So all in all it helps keep my shed in good working order – especially If I make sure the stuff I eat is free of rubbish.

So keep it simple.  If the chips are down and you need to be at your best - make sure you look after your shed!


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