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Empty office at 5pm? Maybe it's you?

Empty office at 5pm?  Maybe it's you?

John Maxwell talks about 5 levels of leadership.

Level 1 is when people work for you because you’re the boss - and for no other reason.  This is where office hours finish at 5:00pm yet every desk is clear at 4:55 pm for ‘goodbyes’ and nipping to the toilet in work time rather than after work hours!  Or five minutes before end of the shift there is already a queue at the clock machine, each one changed and poised to slide the card through the reader the moment the shift is officially at an end. 

This is where people give you their minimum, not their best.  However…

  •       At level 2 they follow you because of the relationship you have with them
  •       At level 3 they follow you because of what you have done for the organisation
  •       At level 4 they follow you because of what you have done for them as an individual
  •       At level 5 they follow you because of who you are and what you represent

Each level represents a significant increase in commitment over the one before.  Stepping up from one level to the next is all about choice – but not your choice, theirs.  They HAVE to work for you because you are the boss, that’s level 1 – but if they CHOOSE to follow you then they will give so much more. 

You are probably at different stages with different people.  Over the next couple of weeks think about your top team – what level have you reached with each one?  And how can you move up a level?  More on this later.

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